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Southwest Critters

30 Critters Drawn and Painted!

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Project in development since November 2019, beginning with the roadrunner.

This is a follow up series to the 2011 animal illustrations painted

in my previous home of Chester County, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia.

I've resided in Albuquerque, New Mexico, since 2015.

Custom Pet Portraits

Update December 2021: not accepting  commissions.

As of October 2020, 70 pet portraits created!

Painted as commissions, and also for giving back:

dogs and cats in animal shelters, courthouse dogs and hospital therapy dogs.

Dogs for Amy Taylor Painting.jpg

Daily Drawings 2019-2021

Pen & Ink
Series revamped 1-19-19. "Making the ordinary extraordinary".
Through Spring 2021: posted daily Sunday - Thursday, via Instagram @beckoline
Project on hiatus a second time (first set: 2007-2008), until the next go around.
View the archive January 2019 - June 2020:
Same drawings archived once a month on the blog,
Videos (Sundays in color, monthly recaps) available on YouTube and Tumblr.

Introverted Sanctuary

Series work-in-progress since Fall 2017.
4x2 foot acrylic paintings on masonite board; one diptych 2x2 feet each.
Sandia Moonlight Canva Insta.jpg
Collage 3 - SQUARE for web

Collage 3 - SQUARE for web

Collage 2 - SQUARE for web

Collage 2 - SQUARE for web

Barbara embroidery

Barbara embroidery

Travel Through the Honeycomb

Click on artwork above to visit various series pages.

Southwestern Landscapes

Mixed Media
Series Spring 2016 - Present.


Watercolors and Drawings
Series mostly consists of Philadelphia's Countryside:
Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Nosh Words

Series of fun facts of some of the fruits and veggies I love.

Nosh Words Canva Ad Etsy.png


Watercolors and Drawings
Series mostly consists of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
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