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"Building a Bridge" and "Discovery Under Pressure"
Child Guidance Resource Center - Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Collaboration with Daniel Weishampel and Evan Thomas

Calm Southwest

Childhood road trips to New Mexico in the gray family station wagon embedded memories
of this enchanted land that I've now called home since Fall 2015.

Slideshow to follow -

In the year 2000, at Tyler School of Art one of my freshmen classes was 2D Foundation Principles.  A project we each had to create was a book of 2" square artwork in any medium.  I chose photography and drove around Philly taking pictures of its nooks and crannies.  After the pictures were developed I had to cut squares out of the 4x6" photos and glue them into the book I made by hand.  18 years later, this project spawned the photography series Calm Southwest (above).

We're honored to have been featured on our very favorite insta page! @calmsouthwest
- A Good Sign, Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 2018

Studios, Craft Rooms

Rome/Italy, Philadelphia/PA, Coatesville/PA, Hershey/PA, Albuquerque/NM

Work spaces (studios and craft rooms) from 2002 - Present. 

Senior studio at Tyler School of Art, 2004

Design by Beckoline

Comfortable Art for the Home


Mostly therapeutic gifts created for friends and family.

Free Roamers

Wildlife seen from my backyard in Pennsylvania between 2010-2014.

Coming Soon: Free Roamers, Southwest

Digital Draw

Experimental Huron tablet drawings of my home.

Daily Drawings

Self-Published Books (and Blogs) 2007, 2008.

Daily Drawings created of my domesticated life soon after my wedding the summer of 2007, and commencing November 2008 the same month my father-in-law passed away (and Obama was elected President).  Hundreds of drawings, which include a sprinkle of dry humor, were created Monday - Friday.  The same day a drawing was created, it was manually posted online before midnight (before scheduling posts was an option).  Drawings were completed in pen and ink, scanned, and uploaded.

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Somewhere Out There

Pen and Ink Drawings of my husband, Dan, through the years.

My favorite: Caught Eating Hot Sauces

Celebrating Ten Years

57-page self-published book.

Selection of line drawings of my husband and our surroundings, 2004-2014.

Married In Outer Space

Stop Animation, Mixed Media, Sculpture.

Set & Character Design by Becky.

Co-Writer/Improvisation by husband and artist Dan.


This blog is a home for experimental projects
created in this century that are not part of a larger series.

Video Shorts, Drawings, Graphic Design, and More.

Portraiture, Pencil Drawings.

Accepting commissions!

Email Public Relations Rep: beckoline@gmail.com

Plants by Dan, photography by Becky.

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